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We, Agrotika Ventures Pvt Ltd are leading providers for services of Vehicle tracking System since year 2015. We are using the most reliable long-lasting hardware and feature rich Indian web software for giving our vehicle tracking services. Our vehicle tracking system has been installed in more than 500 vehicles till date and is presently running successfully in number of vehicles/ fleets. Our satisfied customers include Cab companies, Packers & Movers, Transport companies, Corporates and Individual vehicles owners. Our vehicle tracking/ fleet management system has resulted in increasing the fleet efficiency for our customers. It has also resulted in increase safety/security of the vehicles and vehicles of few of our customers have been recovered after theft using our vehicle tracking/ fleet management system. We would be installing a small GPS enabled device in your vehicle in a hidden fashion which would find the location of your vehicle using GPS satellites and send the location coordinates to a web server using a GPRS enabled mobile SIM card where it would be suitably displayed on a map.

GPS Doubles as Fleet Tracking

Do you know where your fleet vehicles are, what they are doing, and how safely and efficiently your drivers are operating? At Track Your Truck, our effective, reliable GPS truck tracking devices double as fleet tracking devices.

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Car Tracking Systems

Our GPS tracking devices for cars provide a wealth of information you can use to improve your business. When you track your company cars, you receive regular updates on vehicle location, speed and direction of travel.

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GPS Bus Tracking System

An advanced bus tracking system from Track Your Truck lets you know where your buses are, when they will arrive at certain stops and even how fast they are traveling.

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Cutting costs on labor: Using GPS tracking means your drivers will get to their destinations faster. Less driving time, means less money going on the time card. Those hours that are on the clock will be better spent.

Enhanced safety for personnel: When a GPS tracking device is installed, drivers will be more accountable to driving more responsibly, will be less likely to push past appropriate speeds. This will lead to a much safer trip with less chance of accidents.

Less money spent on fuel cost:Because drivers are more accountable to their route, they will waste fuel driving to locations off route.

Improved job performance: The implementation of fleet tracking will give drivers the confidence they need to navigate safely and efficiently to their locations. When drivers know where they are going, they feel more competent in their assignments.

Better Customer Service: Your dispatchers will have a bird’s eye view on where drivers are located and which are available to take on a new assignment. This is great for those last minute clients who may not only add to your current bottom line, but also bring you future business and new clients.

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