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Agrotika ventures is one of the leading companies in tracking system devices. Our products are designed specifically to provide the customers security and peace of mind by locating and controlling efficiently the physical position of their vehicles/fleet, workers, and any other mobile assets they want to track, as well as other applications such as health care, security and law enforcement. We are constantly working in new applications and new products in the development pipeline


The goal in forming Agrotika Ventures Tracking was to bring to market the first truly live tracking product at a target price which made real-time updates affordable to every individual or business in America. To this day, Agrotika Ventures Tracking continues offering the fastest updates at the lowest price on the largest wireless coverage area in the industry. This summarizes everything we stand for and everything we're about – providing the best possible value for your money. While the others charge exorbitant per-ping fees or comparable prices for two-minute updates, our devices transmit automatically every 10 seconds any time the vehicle is moving, whether you're watching or not. Because we collect data 24x7 you have a real history you can play back after-the- fact. Not one position fix for a breadcrumb trail every mile or two, but one position fix every 30-50 feet so you can see precisely where your vehicles and assets are and where they've been.

At the end of the day, there's nothing more honest than delivering real value for your money. And maybe - just maybe - this more than anything else is why we've become the No. 1 manufacturer and provider of live vehicle tracking systems in the world.

  • About GPS

    Agrotika ventures GPS was able to provide solution for logistics, schools, cabs, insurance, pharmaceutical and supply chain sector merely because of it commitment in total customer satisfaction.

  • Business Tracking

    n a tough economy, it helps to have an edge. Companies are beefing up their services in order to compete. When your business depends on the reliability of the vehicles you operate.

  • School Bus Tracking

    A school bus tracking system tells you where your buses are, when they will arrive at various locations, and how carefully they are being driven.

  • HVAC Vehicle Tracking

    Today's HVAC companies spend much of their budgets on their vehicles. Without your fleet, you cannot provide your customers with the services they need.

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